The Goonies
The Goonies is a 1985 American adventure movie


The film starts with the Fratellis escaping from jail: Mama Fratelli, mama jessica and the sons Jake and Francis.

In a development called "The Goon Docks," 13-year-old Mikey Walsh and his 16-year-old brother Brand Walsh are sad to miss the Goon Docks. Their friend Mouth is over trying to convince them it was their last Goonie weekend. Chunk, an overweight klutz who tells far-fetched stories, is at their house too, telling the truth for a change(He saw the police chasing the Fratellis). The kids, including Data, the Walsh's neighbor, don't believe him. Mrs. Walsh comes home with Rosalita, a Spanish neighbor who helps them pack for the move. Mouth pretends to translates what Mrs. Walsh says to Rosalita, but instead scares her.

After Mrs. Walsh and Rosalita leave for an hour, the kids discover the attic that they're not allowed in, as Mr. Walsh doesn't like anyone going in the attic. In the attic, Mikey finds a treasure map. The map leads to a pirate ship with a pirate called One-Eyed Willy. Chunk finds an old Newspaper that tells about a man named Chester Copperpot. However, Chester never found the pirate ship. Mikey tells the others that if they found the treasure, they wouldn't have to leave the Goon Docks, but none of them other than Mikey want to try.

The four young boys leave for the mission without Brand. Mrs. Walsh and Rosalita return and send Brand to bring them back. On the way, a car stops Brand, and the driver, Troy, a bully who is dating Andy, a popular cheerleader with a crush on Brand, pushes Brand on his bike off a steep hill.

Meanwhile, the four boys find a restaurant that's open in summer but opened in the fall. However the Fratellis use the restaurant for their hideout. Chunk looks in the garage and finds bullet holes in the car and tries to warn the others, but they don't listen. Mama Fratelli gives the boys glasses with a drink that she calls water. Mikey tricks Mama Fratelli that he needs to go to the bathroom and runs down the hall. Mikey then stops and tries to find One-Eyed Willy but finds a giant it, as he calls it. Mikey runs from the it (which is chained to the wall) and gets hit in the face by Brand who takes him outside the restaurant with Mouth, Data and Chunk following. Andy and Stef bump into the goonies. Mouth and Stef have returned feeling for each other, though neither does anything to acknowledge them.

The Fratellis leave and The four boys walk back to the restaurant which is locked. Mouth tells Chunk that he has naked pictures of Chunk's mother taking a bath. Chunk tries to beat up Mouth but breaks the door open. Brand, Andy and Stef then decide to join the four boys on the mission. Mikey shows the other goonies the it which scares them and all seven stumble into another room. However the treasure is in the lowest spot of the restaurant and the goonies are in the lowest spot. Chunk knocks over a water bottle and it breaks. The water clears out the fire in a fireplace. The Goonies discover a tunnel that's in the fireplace. Data finds some fake money (which he thinks are real.) and tells the other goonies. The other goonies realize the money is fake and Chunk gets mad. As he is about to leave he smells some ice cream and opens a freezer. A stiff body falls out of the freezer and the goonies push it back in locking the freezer (with Chunk inside.) The Fratellis return while the goonies go in the fireplace tunnel without Chunk. Chunk escapes from the freezer and the other six goonies send him to get the police while the six find the treasure. Chunk escapes out a window while the others explore the tunnel.

Chunk stops a car and asks the person inside it to take him to the sheriff station. (The person is Jake!) Francis throws Chunk in the trunk of the car and the Fratellis kidnap Chunk. In the tunnel, the six goonies find water pipes and use them to make a hole in the tunnel wall. Inside the tunnel wall, Andy finds a skeleton in which they realize it's Chester Copperpot (who was crushed by a boulder.) Mikey finds a string and sets a booby trap which boulders crash down on them. The goonies survive. Brand finds a rock and moves it. Hundreds of bats fly out of the opening and attack them. Out of the tunnel, the Fratellis are about to chop Chunk's hand off in a blender but are stopped by the bats (which fly out of the tunnel.) The bats attack the Fratellis, saving Chunk. The Fratellis then tie Chunk in a chair and put him next to the giant it! The Fratellis then go into the fireplace tunnel to capture the other goonies.

The other goonies find a wishing well (which they're in.) Troy who's at the top of the well sends down the bucket to help them out. Mikey doesn't want to get out because they haven't found One-Eyed Willy yet. So the other goonies agree. Andy hangs her sweater on the bucket and Troy pulls it out (upset with Andy when he finds it.)

The giant it turns out to be a friendly human that Chunk makes friends with. Chunk throws a baby ruth on the floor (trying to give it to the it.) The it breaks it's chains and picks up the baby ruth. In the tunnel, the Fratellis step on booby traps (that Data set) and get mad. They find Chester Copperpot.

The it tells Chunk his name: Sloth. Sloth feeds Chunk some baby ruth and kisses him. In the tunnel, the goonies find triple stones. Using a medallion from Chester Copperpot, Mikey finds the right stones and turns the medallion west trapping his arm. Mikey had set up another trap and is about to get killed. Data falls into a trapdoor that opens beneath him. Data saves himself from being killed by using his pinchers of power and the other five climb down and they stop for a pee break.

Chunk calls the sheriff on the phone and tells him about the Fratellis. He and Sloth then go in the fireplace tunnel to rescue the goonies. The Fratellis find the other goonies who run from them. The Goonies run into a pipe organ. Andy plays the tune which opens a slab. However Andy took piano lessons and tries and tries until the slab opens. The six goonies escape from the Fratellis down a waterslide. On the other side of the waterslide, the goonies find the pirate ship and climb aboard. The Goonies then find One-Eyed Willy and the treasure. They take the treasure that they need but leave Willy's stuff. The Fratellis find them and make them walk the plank taking the treasure from them. Andy and Brand go off the ship.

Sloth and Chunk come to their rescue. Chunk leads the other goonies off the ship while Sloth battles the Fratellis. He ties Jake and Francis in a rope and throws Mama Fratelli off the ship. Sloth then dives off the ship. Mama Fratelli climbs back aboard and frees Jake and Francis. Sloth and the goonies try to escape through the cave wall using dynamite. But the dynamite leaves a boulder blocking the way. The cave collapses from a booby trap Mama Fratelli had set: taking Willy's stuff. Sloth lifts the boulder letting the goonies escape. Sloth helps the Fratellis out of the cave too.

The Goonies meet their parents on the beach they end up on along with the police who arrest the Fratellis. Stef and Mouth become friends by jokingly insulting each other after Mouth thanks Stef for offering to share her air with him,(The scene where Stef offers this was not put in the film and was not added to the deleted scenes, it was apparently mentioned in an interview with Martha Plimpton and Corey Feldman several years later.)both act unusually shy, they hug later in this scene. Chunk invites Sloth to live with him. Troy threatens to destroy the goon docks because as Mouth has said before 'Jerk alert!'. Rosalita finds Mikey's bag of marbles and the goon docks are saved. Mr. Walsh rips the foreclosure papers that Troy's father gave Brand because they don't have to leave the goon docks .

The film ends with Willy's ship sailing on the ocean.



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