He is a character from the film the Goonies. He is a son of Mama Fratelli, and the brother of Francis and Jake Fratelli. He is played by the late football player John Matuszak.

See - Mitchell “sloth” King

In The Film Edit

Sloth is first introduced being chained in a room, being tortured by Jake's terrible singing and harassed when he threw food at him until Mikey Walsh pushed the food dish back to Sloth. He turns to Mikey, frightening him. He takes the dish and struggles to get free of his chains as Mikey runs away.

Later in the film, after Chunk is caught and interrogated by the Fratellis from where the rest of the group fleed to after they discovered who they were. Before they go into the fireplace to pursue the group, they tie Chunk to a chair in the same room where Sloth is. Chunk sheepishly tries to introduce himself to Sloth, until Sloth turns around and reveals his monstrous deformed face, roaring. A petrified Chunk hops around in his chair hollering for help as Sloth, chuckling, thinks he's being fun and decides to hop along with him.

While watching T.V., Sloth watches a cooking channel which involves the creation of a chocolate cake. In a desiring tone of voice, he merely states "chocolate" twice. Chunk then offers him a Baby Ruth bar he had in his pocket and throws it to Sloth, only to hit him in the head and miss. After a brief pause of silence, Sloth begins roaring, and Chunk screams and apologizes to Sloth as he was only trying to give it to him, however, it is revealed that Sloth wasn't upset over Chunk accidentally hitting him in the head, it's because he wanted the candy bar badly, when he finally breaks free of his restraints and grabs the candy bar, finally calmed down.

Sloth introduces himself to Chunk, by merely pointing to himself and saying "Sloth." Chunk mimicks this in an attempt to help Sloth understand who he is, which works. They share the Baby Ruth, and the delighted Sloth picks up Chunk and smooches him on the face with Chunk disgustedly remarking "you smell like phys ed!"

After Sloth frees Chunk, he tries to phone the police of what's happening, while Sloth excitedly finds Rocky Road ice cream in the freezer and walks over to the fireplace, with Chunk following and explaining to Sloth that the voice he's hearing is only his echo, but Sloth decides to go in anyway.

The duo follows the group's tracks, and eventually, just as the Fratellis have discovered the group at One-Eyed Willy's ship, The Inferno, inside a grotto. He comes to their rescue by shouting "Hey you guys!" as Chunk has him swing in to save Mouth and Stef from the plank. As the rest of the group escape, Sloth confronts the Fratellis personally. Francis and Jake try pulling an old stunt they pulled on him when they were younger by tying him up in a game of jump rope, however, Sloth frees himself and rips his jacket apart to reveal a blue Superman logo tee underneath it, to which he pronounces "Sloth!" Realizing that they are now no match for him, Jake tries to suck up to Sloth by reminding him of the numerous times when the rest of the family betrayed him while he was on his side, such as trying to leave him behind at the Bronx Zoo, and buying Francis a toupee instead of using the money get his teeth repaired. However, an enraged Francis denies these things, and the duo attempt to strangle each other while Sloth just stands in the back and slams them together, knocking them out.

After Sloth ties up his torturous brothers, he confronts his mother by proclaiming "Mama, you've been bad!" Mama tries to ease Sloth by insisting that she only kept him locked in the room for his sake, and reminds him of the time when sang to him as a boy. This seems to work, however, when she begins to sing "Rock-a-bye Baby" to him, he is reminded when his mother dropped him as an infant twice, deforming his face. Enraged, he lifts his evil, abusive mother and drops her off the plank. Cheering with the rest of the group in the lake ahead, Sloth dives in to catch up with them. Chunk introduces Sloth to the rest of the gang and holds up a boulder blocking an entrance in the grotto to shore for them to escape. Chunk begs Sloth to come with them, but Sloth proclaims "Sloth love Chunk!" and stays behind to allow them to escape.

Eventually, Sloth is seen again along with the rest of the Fratellis and are handed over to the police who are there as the Goonies are reunited with their parents. Sloth is presumed to also be a criminal and is attempted to be arrested along with the rest of them, however, the Goonies intervene and stop the police, claiming that he's on their side. As the Fratellis go to jail, Chunk tells Sloth that he's now going to live with him and his family in their home, promising to take care of him. Eventually, The Inferno, finally freed from the grotto, sails off to sea once again, with Mikey personally waving goodbye. However, Sloth roars and waves his arms in victory in honor of the ship, as the rest of the group do the same.

Expressions Edit

Happy - Ear Wiggle

"Hey, you guys!"

Chocolate, choc-o-late

Ruth Ruth Baby Ruth 

Rocky Road

Trivia Edit

  • Sloth's favorite DC hero is Superman
    • He is seen wearing a T-shirt with Superman's logo on it when fighting off Francis and Jake on the Inferno.
  • Like Chunk, sloth adores chocolate and ice cream, though due to his bland but healthy diet of raw vegetables, Sloth is in excellent shape. It is possible he had never eaten chocolate before meeting Chunk, and his first chocolate bar tasted extra special. Seeing it on TV made him dream about eating it for years.

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