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Sloth, is a character from the film the Goonies. He is played by the late warren howarth John Matuszak.

Warren was first seen annoyed by Jake's singing and harassment when he threw food at him until Mikey Walsh pushed the food dish back to Sloth with a broom stick after Jake left and then later, Mikey showed the other Goonies Sloth who still roared at the wall causing them to scream and run out of the door towards the tunnel from an old fireplace. He was later seen again watching TV and roaring until he met one of the Goonies, Chunk Cohen who was captured while trying to get help as instructed by Brand and Mikey they become best friends after Chunk gave Sloth his Baby Ruth candy bar when Sloth saw a chocolate cake on TV. Later, Sloth caused the phone Chunk was calling the police with to disconnect while eating rocky road ice cream. Soon after, Sloth and Chunk walked past the dangling water pipes until Sloth pushed the pipes back upward in a fit of rage with his superhuman strength causing a car crash hoping someone up there had enough health and car insurance to get the accident covered before continuing forward to meet the other Goonies at the Inferno.

He was later seen with Chunk rescuing the Goonies who were forced to walk the plank at the Inferno before learning that his Mama dropped him as a baby which could be the reason for his deformed appearance. Sloth helped the Goonies escape the grotto when it started to collapse much to Chunk's distress. It is confirmed that Sloth with his mother and brothers somehow escaped the collapsing grotto, however, Sloth was mistaken for a criminal but was saved from being arrested by Chunk who told the police to arrest Mama, Jake and Francis Fratelli. Sloth was eventually adopted by Chunk's parents after Chunk tells him he loves him and watches the Inferno sailing off to the ocean at sunset after being trapped in the grotto for centuries as a "Good bye Goonies and Thank You for the marbles" from One Eyed Willy at the end of the movie. Sloth is now honorary Goonie after the Goonie docks were saved from foreclosure.

Catchphrase Edit

Hey you Guys!


Baby Ruth

Uh oh

Sloth love Chunk!

Expressions Edit

Happy - Ear wiggle

Furious - Hands in the air and roaring

Trivia Edit

  • Sloth's favorite DC hero is Superman
    • He is seen wearing a T-shirt with Superman's logo on it when fighting off Francis and Jake on the Inferno.
  • Like Chunk, Sloth loves food despite the undernourishment thanks to his two brothers and their mother.
  • Sloth is going to be in the new Goonies Level Pack in the game LEGO Dimensions

Gallery Edit

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