Sheriff Hector Steinbrenner is stef's father and Tiffany's Husbend who Chunk calls after he and Sloth free themselves in the basement of the Lighthouse Lounge to report the murder of the FBI Man. He recognizes Lawrence's (Chunk's) voice because Chunk frequently calls him to report unbelievably ridiculous crimes, including a terrorist takeover of the town's Sizzler Steakhouses and creatures that multiply when water is thrown on them. As a result the Sheriff doesn't take Chunk's murder report seriously, perhaps until the phone line suddenly goes dead.

He shows up once again at the end of the film to arrest the Fratellis and Troy Perkins for stolen Irene's Money and is the first to spot The Inferno sailing away.


  • Sheriff Hector Steinbrenner is played by Paul Tuerpe.
  • The character appears in only two scenes and is only ever referred to as "Sheriff".
  • The first tall tale he mentions is a product placement for Sizzler restaurants. The second is a reference to the movie Gremlins (1984), which several people from The Goonies had worked on (Chris Columbus, Steven Spielberg, Corey Feldman).