One-Eyed Willy was a famous pirate back in 1632 and he got trapped in a cave in Astoria, Oregon. Mikey, Chunk, Mouth, Brand, Stef, Andy and Data went to find his "rich stuff". Chester Copperpot was the last person to search for One-Eyed Willy's stolen treasure. The Goonies found his treasure aboard his ship and then the Fratellis came in and set off a booby trap that freed Willy's ship, The Inferno, from the cave. The Goonies tried to get a cave wall to open so they had to use their final dynamite/candle to blow a hole in the wall which failed and caused a giant boulder to fall over the hole blocking their way out. Luckily, Sloth was strong enough to lift the boulder. Unfortunately for Chunk, who thought of Sloth as a brother, Sloth couldn't make it and the giant boulder fell behind them, which forlonged Chunk. They then got out and they saw The Inferno sailing at sea. It is not known where Willy and his ship went. Willy is known for the creation and use of ingenius traps that could take down even the most experienced treasure hunters.

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