Clarke "Mouth" Devereaux is one of the original goonies and one of the main protaganists of the film. He is nicknamed "Mouth" because he is a smart mouth. He is fluent in Spanish, which he first uses in the film to trick Rosalita and translate One-Eyed Willy's map. He also serves as Mikey's lieutenant and has secret feelings for Stef which are secretly returned.


  • Mouth wears a censored (no Apollonia Kotero's character) Purple Rain shirt in the film. (Purple Rain was a single, album, and movie by Prince.)
  • The rest of Mouth's outfit is distinctly 80s fashion, including a gray Members Only jacket and parachute pants.
  • Mouth mimics Groucho Marx's eyebrows and mustache when he jokes that "You wouldn't be here if it wasn't." (referring to the penis on the little statue of David).
  • In the American Dad episode "May The Best Stan Win" the characters re-make The Goonies. The character Snot plays Mouth because he is also the smart mouth of the group.
  • Mouth is in the Family Guy episode "Breaking Out Is Hard To Do"