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Goonies never say "die"!Mikey
The goonies all together

The goonies all together.

The Goonies are a group of kids who live in the Goon Docks area of Astoria.

At the beginning of the film it seems that Mikey and Mouth are the most proud to be Goonies. Chunk describes the Goonies as rejects who go on Mikey's adventures. In a deleted scene Troy mocks the Goonies and says that they can't tell him what to do. Andy doesn't consider herself a Goonie, but when she sticks with them Troy shouts that she is one.

In another deleted scene, Mikey leads Andy in taking the Goonie Oath:

I will never betray my Goon Dock friends.
We will stick together until the whole world ends,
Through heaven and hell and nuclear war,
Good pals like us will stick like tar,
In the city, or the country, or the forest, or the boonies,
I am proudly declared a fellow Goonie.

After that at the Bone Piano trap, Mikey reassures Andy that Goonies always make mistakes.