Brand Ford

The Ford Mustang GT is a model of car manufactured by Ford that appears in The Goonies.


The Mustang in The Goonies is specifically a 1983 Mustang GT. It is red with a black stripe down the middle, and has a collapsible red roof and red interior.


The Ford Mustang GT is owned by Troy Perkins and is seen while he, Andy, and Stef partake in a joyride through Ecola State Park. It is seen again parked at the Moss Garden Wishing Well.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Mustang was involved more in early drafts of the script. In one cut scene, Bonzo the Great and Bertha were meant to steal and drive Troy's car away from a gas station as an ongoing gag of stealing and driving away in red cars (due to their training). Footage of the scene was filmed, but has never been released publicly outside of production images. It was meant to be crashed by the gorillas into a Cadillac owned by Troy's father on the final scene at Cauldron Point.

It is visible in the background in the Stop 'N Snack deleted scene.


  • Troy's license plate reads "H5R 397".
  • According to early drafts of the script, Troy's Mustang GT cost fifteen thousand dollars.


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