It's a stiff!Chunk

The FBI Man is a corpse that the Fratellis are attempting to hide. The Goonies first spot him, but don't necessarily realize it's a body, when Jake is seen carrying it into the basement of the Lighthouse Lounge. After the Fratellis drive away from the restaurant the Goonies get their first up-close look at him when he falls out of the basement freezer that Chunk opens. They see that a bullet hole in his head.

Chunk can never seem to get away from this corpse. He gets stuck with it when the Fratellis suddenly return and after being captured by the Fratellis he again finds himself stuck with it in the trunk of their car.

Meeting the FratellisEdit

He tried to stop the Fratellis inside the Lighthouse Lounge, but Ma Fratelli shot him in the head, which killed the man. Jake, who pulled up it the Jeep ORV, opened the trunk. Francis asked Ma why he killed him, and she explained that he was a federal reserve man. It was also revealed that he was shot in the brain, and the trauma was the cause of death. After waiting, they decided to put him in the freezer instead. When Lawrence Cohen was trapped in the freezer, it crumpled on top of him. Chunk got away through a window to contact FBI, and when the Fratellis returned to the basement, they collected his body. After Chunk got seized by Francis, he put him in with the body.


The "FBI Man", as he is known in the credits, is portrayed by stunt performer Ted Grossman, who also played a man who got eaten in Jaws.