Richard "Data" Wang is an inventive boy, who is a fan of James Bond. He uses his inventions to save his life and help him through his adventures. He has many inventions literally up his sleeve that are similar to James Bond and particularly Inspector Gadget. His common attire include a white collared shirt with a cable knit gray sweater-vest, a tannish-brown trench coat, dark blue jeans, a belt with a buckle containing his suction cup invention, as well as carrying his cassette player, he usually wears white Nike shoes with a blue Nike symbol, with a "slick shoes" activator which contains oil that squirts to any surface. He carries a boxing glove and a metal rectangular device that triggers the inventions. his inventions often go wrong and backfire. In some concept art he is shown wearing glasses. They decided to have Stef wear them instead. Some inventions mentioned: slick shoes, boxing glove defense, suction cup invention, pincers of peril, wings of flight, and many others he worked "months and months on." He has a good temper, unless irritated by others stupidity. He sometimes will talk as though he was from third person point of view. Such as: "Nobody cares if Data's falling, if Data gets hurt nobody will care anymore!!!" He also exclaims he's tired of falling, and skeletons.