Andrea Theresa "Andy" Carmichael is a cheerleader from Astoria. She is a friend and love interest of Brand Walsh. When she was younger she took piano lessons. Because of a fish speared onto a rake, she and Steff run screaming into lighthouse lounge and start stammering about how it almost killed them, and when Brandon eventually gives in to Mikey, she follows, and starts blabbering stupidly about herself and points at the corpse of Chester Copperpot saying "... before my hair falls out, before I look like him, AAAGGGHHHH!!" When realizing it is crushed by a boulder and seeing two large beetles crawling through it's eyes sockets. Later, when coming apon a pipe organ made out of a skeleton and stalactites, they vote her to play, as she used to play piano. She hit three wrong notes, almost causing the death of four of them. She then hits the right note, letting them through to the waterslide chamber.


Andy was portrayed by actress Kerri Green.


"I hit the wrong note. I'm not Liberace, you know!" "How many years do I have, before I get all fat, before my hair falls out, before I look like him?! AGGGHHH OH MY GOODDD!!!"